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What’s going on in my world today (and why should you give a shit)?

Let’s start with why today is important to me. Have you ever experienced the feeling that a date, for no reason other than your own, carries special meaning? Today, or rather today’s date, is one of those days for me. I’ve always felt that June 1st was the start of something new in my life. Some magical thing was gonna happen to make the world a candy coated playground meant to make me smile. A sense that a renewed me was about to emerge and all things great and small were prepping for the coming of THE DAY! Kind of like a snake who knows its about to shed it’s skin and is itching to get on with it. Look out world, here comes a shiny new me! (A little back story – I hate winter, detest it in fact – I’m from ‘Jersey, we do summer. Though I’m sure if it wasn’t one of my yearly seasons, some pain-in-the-ass part of me would miss it.) Why June 1st and not the Spring or Summer Solstice? I haven’t a friggin’ clue, but today is a power day for me. It’s one of those ‘fuck-yeah’ days where nothing can stop me – I’m invincible! Today is that day. So… what did the day bring so far?

It’s cold, colder than it’s been in a couple of weeks here, and I’m a warm weather girl. It’s raining. Not that crappy, annoying drizzle-rain, but a good solid day of rain where you think to yourself, Shit, self! Why didn’t you take that damn umbrella; you had your hand on it? Oh, that’s right – you were gonna skip between the raindrops, plus you look kinda cute with your hair all mussed up. **Note to self – it’s a lie. Today is one of those days that while you’re struggling to get your bumberella open (a friend of mine always called his umbrella that, and I like it, so I’m going with it), you’re already too wet to bother using it. Mussed + curly & slightly damp = adorable. Dripping wet + shivering through a sheath of hair like a sheep dog that has just had an ocean swim = pathetic. Put a check in the pathetic column. Why even venture out in all that joy – besides the power day thing, and the fact that nothing and no one can stop me today?

I had my second stress test earlier this afternoon to try and evaluate any damage that’s been done to my heart from this weird thing I’ve gone through/am going through… it’s all very undetermined/indeterminate at this point. (There’s a back story, I’ll get to it eventually – just not today – today isn’t a bummer kind of day!) But I did better this week than last. Last week I had a minor myocardial infarction (itty-bitty heart attach) during the test – that was fun, but it wasn’t anything different than what I’ve been experiencing since my iron level dropped severely back in April… I think it was April, it was just a bit more painful. I’m making it a point not to track the dates associated with this less-than-great thing I’m experiencing because the dates themselves don’t matter. Once someone tells you you have less than a year to live, the only thing that matters are the days between here and there, and making sure those days count are what makes all the difference in the world.

But, I’m gonna save that particular dread for another post and end off in typical Super Squirrel fashion by heading to the kitchen, grabbing a vanilla cupcake with salted caramel icing, and gleefully (though still a bit damp from my shower) diving into the submissions for our latest eZine. Let’s go see what the other crafty-critters (writers in Nina speak – there will be a dictionary, I promise) have come up with this time around.

Until next time, I’m still here just crunching on the shells…