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Getting out of bed today was particularly difficult for a number of reasons, so instead of whining about it, I’m gonna tell you about something fun I did this past week.

I went to see the 40th Anniversary re-release of JAWS on the big screen! (I feel like that should be in neon flashing lights or something)

It did not suck!

jawsposterI knew it was being re-released this summer, but had no idea how limited the run would be in each area. On Wednesday, I managed to catch the last 7pm showing at one of the last two theaters that I could feasibly get to on the last night it was showing! (Holy shit, I almost missed it – then I’d be whining!!!) My compadre joined me, though he missed the first two eatings, and it was nothing but tension, fins, and teeth for an hour and a half! Oh, baby!!

My favorite scene – too many to choose from. But the most impactful is when Quint and Hooper are comparing scars. I love the transition from rousing drunk comradery while comparing scars to when Brody asks Quint how he got the one on his arm. Robert Shaw’s monologue is delivered with masterful precision, and just enough glint in his eye to impart bone chilling madness.

Then there are the one liners – great one liners in this flick!

Boys, oh boys… I think he’s come back for his noon feeding.

Anyway, if it makes it to your area, find the time and go. I’ve probably seen the film about 20 times now, and it never gets old. But it NEVER gets better than seeing it in the theater! Trust me folks…

You’re gonna need a bigger screen!